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#86 "Hey Rod.....

"Hey Rod..... when you were 'living in the bush', what are some of the things you needed the most?"

"Needed or wanted? What I needed was a house for my family, so we built a 20 ft. x 30 ft. log house. For the foundation we found rocks and levelled them for the wall logs and the floor joist to sit on. A neighbour a few miles down the road had a sawmill and would custom cut for half the lumber if you helped. I hauled enough logs to get enough 1" lumber to do the entire floor plus the roof, window sills and a door that was 2" thick. I used tar paper and then rolled asphalt to finish the roof off. There were only three windows and for the first couple of months we used 6 mil plastic until we got glass. For chinking between the logs we used moss with small poles nailed on top to keep the goat from eating it. It wasn't fancy, but it was home. To do this I needed a pick-up truck, a shovel, chain saw, axe, hand saw, hammer, square, level, nails, ropes, chains and a lot of help from my family."

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