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#35 "Hey Rod.....

“Hey Rod.....what's the best way for not getting lost in the bush?”

“If your following a game trail, look behind you once in a while, everything looks different depending on the direction you're traveling. You can mark your trail with surveyors tape, a hatchet, a knife or by breaking branches as you go. Remember, game trails are going to lead to other game trails and knowing which fork in the trail you took is going to help you come out safely. When you either blaze, break branches or hang a short piece of ribbon, do it on the side of the tree where you can see it from both directions. I've seen where people have blazed a trail but only on the way in, coming out you will not see that blaze. This is especially useful if you're out bushwhacking and not using a compass and a map of the area. Also make a mental note of landmarks like rocks, trees out of character or anything else that is out of the normal landscape you're in. If you're really not sure, stay home and read a book, I've got two you can start with, call 'Mode: Survival - Whatever it Takes' and 'The First Winter'.”

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